Case Study

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Jacobs Joinery and Shopfitters, web design
Jacobs Joinery and Shopfitters is a South African business offering shop fitting solutions across a broad range of market segments from retail to the corporate office environment. The business was committed to growth plans and needed to introduce themselves to a wider audience. A critical component of the business growth strategy and the cornerstone of our brand awareness initiatives was the businesses unequivocal commitment to quality and customer service.

The Challenge

Our Solution

Jacobs Joinery and Shopfitters is a long standing, family run business with a proud track record and a history of quality craftsmanship. We elected to emphasize this history across their marketing media to establish their brand voice and communicate the stature of the business to existing and new customers alike.
The business is run on pride, tradition, and strong values; with shopfitting skills being handed over from one generation to the next. We made use of emotive value centric quotes and strong images of traditional handheld tools to convey the hands-on approach, and years of experience that they offer their clients and future prospects.
We wanted to keep their marketing largely graphic in content so as to showcase their substantial portfolio of work. The website and brochure adhere to this formula, allowing the graphics to draw the viewer in.
The portfolio of work included rebranding, print material, website redesign, and truck fleet media including truck tarpaulin design and print project management.
In addition, we manage their social media platforms to engage with clients as well as designers and suppliers in this industry. By using a combination of Facebook, Linked-In and Pinterest we are able to communicate to a broad audience, increase search rankings and website traffic.



The Results

"Cassandra is a chic, sophisticated and intelligent designer whose superb attention to detail and ability to really understand a business’s brand requirements, is a rare find in today’s world."


Tony Wilson - Managing Director
Jacobs Joinery and Shopfitters, branding
The combination of these design elements on various marketing media resulted in a substantial increase in order flow for Jacobs Joinery and Shopfitters  with a positive impact on the growth and profitability of the business securing new clients from within existing market segments as well as new clients in previously un-serviced segments of the market.
A dedication to quality and customer satisfaction defines Jacobs Joinery and Shopfitters and by partnering with Cassandra Kidson & Associates growth without compromise to these core values has been the result.